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Digital experience strategy begins with understanding the consumer’s expectation. These expectations are not lessened for healthcare. In fact, expectations are elevated due to the personal and intimate responsibilities healthcare organizations are trusted to provide. Digital strategy is not creating a new website or social media posts. A digital experience strategy uses the consumer’s expectation to drive real business impact and operational changes that deliver a shared vision that will define your organization. At Martek Health we are focused on solving challenges and identifying opportunities that can be solved by technology. Most healthcare consumer experiences are well behind the digital curve. If you want to be more accessible and convenient to potential patients than your competition, make your digital consumer experience a top priority!

At Martek Health, we have hands-on experience implementing and executing digital experiences for world-renowned healthcare organizations that will drive sustainable business success. And we won’t just show you how to transition your old-school experiences to state-of-the-art digital experiences for your patients – we are the industry leaders in making it happen.

  • Consumer Access & Contact Centers
  • Online Appointments
  • Provider Directories
  • Online Registration
  • Listings Management
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Reputation Management
  • Transparency, Ratings & Reviews
  • Voice Search
  • Chatbots & Live Chat
  • Telehealth
  • CRM Integration
  • Technology & Vendor Selection Evaluation

Martek Health is a trusted extension of our team. They fully understand the complexities of a health system and the corresponding operational structure. They are willing to be the bridge between departments and figure out solutions to issues that have challenged our system for years. Their ability to think wider than our walls and bring innovative solutions to the table is invaluable.


Here’s the bottom line:

Martek Health has the hands-on expertise to create a seamless, patient-friendly digital experience for your brand from start to finish – a crucial step toward making your brand the most convenient and engaging option among your competition.

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